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We Offer a Range of
Services to Meet Your Needs


Sierra General is a distinguished firm specializing in the acquisition of real estate for investors and partners across a diverse range of asset classes throughout the United States. Our exceptional expertise lies in single-family, retail, industrial, multi-family, office, and mixed-use properties, backed by decades of experience and meticulous underwriting. As a leader in the industry, Sierra General is committed to representing the highest standards of excellence and ensuring the success of projects that are financially viable and strategically sound.



Sierra General is a dynamic financier and acquirer of real estate properties tailored to meet the specific requirements of corporate tenants in the form Finance Build-to-Suits. Our focus on the build-to-suit market enables us to invest in new, custom-built properties that are leased on a long-term basis.


As a prominent leader in the sale/leaseback industry, we specialize in underwriting nationwide sale/leaseback transactions, leveraging our extensive credit experience across multiple industries. Through these transactions, we provide companies with the necessary capital to invest in their core business, while simultaneously structuring long-term leases with existing tenants. Weather it is a Finance Build-to-Suit or Sale/Leaseback transaction, Sierra General can effectively optimize capital requirements to enable our Tenant Partners long-term leases and remove real estate assets and related liabilities from a company’s balance sheet.


With over 25 years of expertise in land development, we have successfully undertaken projects in various sectors including industrial, commercial, office, hospitality, gaming, storage, multi-family, retail, and single-family. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses acquisition, entitlements, financing, construction management, and ownership. At the core of our success is a team of top-tier professionals, including architects, land planners, engineers, attorneys, financial analysts, and accountants, who bring their exceptional skills and knowledge to every project we undertake.


Choosing and managing the right general contractor is crucial in the construction industry, as different types of construction projects require specific expertise. Sierra General, with its extensive experience spanning decades, possesses a deep understanding of the construction industry. We can offer valuable insights into the diverse types of construction and contractors available, ensuring the selection of a contractor with the necessary abilities and competency to deliver the desired quality within the specified schedule and budget.


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